Fresno shooter gave police detailed account of slayings

Fresno shooter gave police detailed account of slayings

The victim in that shooting also was a white male, Dyer said. A Facebook profile page for a Kori Ali Muhammad from Fresno paid homage to black pride and black nationalism, with images of the red, green and black Pan-African flag and a raised fist.

Kansas voters cite Trump's impact in race

GOP strategists warned in recent days that Democrat James Thompson, a civil rights attorney, was in striking distance against Estes, Kansas state treasurer from Wichita , in the special election to replace Mike Pompeo. The Democratic candidate had his own take. "People were writing us off the whole time ", he said. "It's not been a referendum on him". "I think the key was that Republicans took this for granted", Mr.

Trump, Murphy agree federal agencies should 'buy American'

Trump spoke of his use of H-2B visas back in March of 2016 during a presidential debate saying , "It's very, very hard to get people". "H-1B visas are awarded in a totally random lottery and that's wrong". The new executive order reinforces existing law to make sure the federal government gives priority to American-made goods and services. "Why shouldn't we put American companies first?" The Order also targets the abusive use of waivers and exceptions that undermine "Buy American" laws ...

AR Supreme Court grants stay of execution for inmate Stacey Johnson

That leaves five men set for execution in an eight-day period starting Thursday. Davis had already been served a last meal of fried chicken, rolls, beans, mashed potatoes and strawberry cake, and witnesses were being moved toward the execution chamber when the Supreme Court ruled just minutes before his death warrant expired at midnight.

Arkansas Execution Plan Again Thrown Into Doubt

The inmates are fighting their executions on multiple legal fronts, but there are now no stays in place for five who are set to die this month as the state rushes to beat an expiration date for one of its lethal drugs. A deputy director of the Arkansas prison system says he deliberately ordered an execution drug in a way so there wouldn't be a paper trail. McKesson Corp says it sold the drug vecuronium bromide to the Arkansas department of correction for inmate medical care, not executions.

Bill O'Reilly fired from Fox News, hours after meeting Pope Francis

Huckabee then complained that the president's dubious claim that his predecessor "wire tapped" him during the 2016 presidential election received overwhelmingly negative coverage from newscasters (presumably because it's not true). Before and after the accusations, O'Reilly remained one of the most popular commentators on cable news. Rupert Murdoch has a long association with O'Reilly, who joined Fox News when it launched as an upstart competitor to CNN in 1996.