Trump to Sign Executive Order Reviewing Highly Skilled H-1B Visa Program

Part of today's order dubbed " Buy American and Hire American " also directs the agencies to suggest reforms to the H-1B visa process. "We are going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped with those wonderful words, made in the U.S.A.", Mr.

Arkansas execution delayed as Supreme Court refuses to overrule state court

But amid public opposition to the death penalty, including protests in the state capital Little Rock including actor Johnny Depp and a judge linked to one of the cases, lawyers obtained stays for three of the executions. The State of Arkansas has yet to respond to the newest claim by McKesson. In a repeat of its lawsuit against Arkansas , McKesson Medical-Surgical, a unit of McKesson Corp MCK.N , said the state's correction department had acted deceitfully when it purchased another ...

EASTER MESSAGE: To be dead to sin and be alive in God

All that Jesus had told them was now coming back to them and was making sense to them. all was being fulfilled as Jesus had said. "If Jesus is alive, it means that everything he said he was to do for you, he did them all", the clergyman noted.

White House Easter Egg Roll Pictures And Videos Show Trump's Holiday Event

A little rain didn't stop the White House from hosting the biggest event of the year. It was just made smaller, down from the 35,000 people who got tickets past year, but retaining such activities as a reading nook, an area to send messages to US troops and an entertainment stage.

Justice Neil Gorsuch's First Day on the Job

Justice Neil Gorsuch's First Day on the Job

By many accounts, these cases can be described as dense and littered with minutia; however, that did not stop the justices, aside from the famously silent Clarence Thomas, from asking a litany of questions from both sides. As the court buzzer sounded, Gorsuch emerged from behind the red velvet curtains with his eight colleagues and took his seat at the far right of the bench, no pun intended.

Daines and Tester divided on Gorsuch confirmation

Daines and Tester divided on Gorsuch confirmation

The Supreme Court has been operating with only eight justices since Mr Scalia's death. "He proved that by answering questions for 20 hours". "In doing so, they have deeply damaged the integrity of the Senate and the Supreme Court itself". "I congratulate Judge Gorsuch on this significant achievement, even despite Democrats' obstruction, and I welcome him to the Supreme Court". Judge Neil Gorsuch has been confirmed by the U.S.