Sponsored Pokéstops and gyms planned for Pokémon Go

Sponsored Pokéstops and gyms planned for Pokémon Go

The British Independent newspaper is reporting that the hacking group PoodleCorp has claimed that it launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack against the app. And yes, 99% of gaming videos are deeply jarring. Pokémon Go, the worldwide phenomenon that's turning regular folks into zombies, has exciting features on the way that will likely make the popular game even more addicting.

Gen. Michael Flynn, possible Trump VP pick

On Sunday, Flynn, a native of Middletown, Rhode Island, told ABC News that women "are the ones that have to make that decision because they're the ones.that are going to decide to bring up that child or not". The others being said to be in his list are Newt Gingrich , former House Speaker and Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey. Trump, 70, has taken an improvisational approach to choosing a running mate.

Donald Trump will decide VP pick in 'next three to four days'

Trump is expected to announce his decision at week's end. NBC News's First Read has the list of those "in the hunt" to be Donald Trump's vice-presidential pick down to five names, the same number that Trump gave Monday morning to the Washington Post .

Clinton leads Trump in Florida, 44-37%

A George Mason University study says four of the major late-night comedy shows on national television preferred Trump more than 3-to-1 as the subject of their jokes , InsideSources reported . Bush among voters under 30 by just two points. Twenty-three percent of voters are undecided in that race, the victor of which will take on likely Democratic nominee Chris Koster in November.

Obama convenes national security team amid Turkey coup attempt

The roundup followed a chaotic night in which about 200 people died in violence around the country after military officers announced they had seized power. "It is very important to identify this, looking at Turkey's precarious situation today". Almost 3,000 military personnel have been detained while the Interior Ministry suspended some five generals and 29 colonels.

So It Begins: 'Never Trump' Gets a Resounding Victory in State Ruling

So It Begins: 'Never Trump' Gets a Resounding Victory in State Ruling

While the presumptive republican nominee-Donald Trump- has been known for a while, this weekend in Cleveland is when he will be officially declared the GOP's presidential candidate. The opinion polls suggest they're right. According to Unruh, all but "a few" of the state's 37 delegates are still supporting Cruz coming into the convention.