Kapanen scores double OT victor as Leafs beat Capitals 4-3

Kapanen scores double OT victor as Leafs beat Capitals 4-3

The Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs played a thriller of a Game 2 on Saturday night, with the teams trading leads and goals and pushing the game into double overtime. As much as they've been good soldiers who have played some quality hockey here down the stretch, needless to say, it's going to be pretty hard to win a playoff series against the Capitals with Hunwick and Polak playing over 20 even-strength minutes apiece (26 and 24 total, respectively).

White House won't release visitor logs

Officials at the Trump White House say that making public who visits could interfere with policy development and even risks national security. US President Donald Trump's administration has ushered in groundbreaking levels of accessibility despite its decision not to disclose visitor logs, White House Communications Director Michael Dubke said in a statement .

Impeachment hearings to proceed against Gov. Robert Bentley

Impeachment hearings to proceed against Gov. Robert Bentley

The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to being impeachment hearings Monday. That staffer later told the investigating committee that she found messages on her vehicle that said "die bitch" and "you will f-ing die". The recordings cast new light on Bentley's comments. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley speaks during a news conference on Friday, April 7, 2017, outside the Alabama Capitol building in Montgomery , Ala .

Three humble duties of a junior justice on the US Supreme Court

Gorsuch will take over junior justice duties from Justice Elena Kagan, who has held the spot since 2010. Gorsuch mirrored Scalia's originalist approach to the law during his 11 years on the federal appeals court in Denver, interpreting the Constitution according to the meaning understood by those who drafted it.

Federal judge in Arkansas halts execution of seven death row inmates

John C. Williams, assistant Federal Public Defender and attorney for some of the death row prisoners, praised the ruling and called on the state to "cancel the frantic execution schedule and propose a legal and humane method to carry out its executions".

North Korea missile test ends in failure, South Korea says

North Korea on Sunday failed in a missile launch from its eastern coast, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said , but it wasn't immediately clear what kind of missile was sacked. Intelligence officials have warned that the North could achieve the ability to strike the mainland United States in two years. A USA aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, is heading to waters off Korea in a show of force.