9/11 report's classified '28 pages' about potential Saudi Arabia ties released

Saudi Ambassador to the United States Abdullah Al-Saud said Friday that Saudi Arabia welcomes the release of the documents , which he said confirm that no senior Saudi officials were involved in the 9/11 attacks . "If so, why did they keep it from the public for so many years?" "The public has a right to know, the families have a right to know", Jim Kreindler, one of the lawyers representing families whose loved ones were killed or injured in the attacks, said in an interview from NY.

Trump Announces VP Pick: "Pence Was My First Choice"

Trump would ramble on about various unrelated topics, and then try to pivot to Pence by saying, "back to Mike Pence". The joint appearance was meant to catapult the party toward a successful and unified Republican National Convention, which kicks off in Cleveland on Monday.

Clinton using Republican convention to spur voter signups

Butler, who is running unopposed in November, said he thinks factors other than the top of the ticket will determine who wins state races. The remaining 15 delegates were pledged to Texas Sen. "I am going to support Donald Trump ", she said. Joe Gruters: Trump's co-chairman in Florida, Gruters received a prime committee assignment at the convention helping to craft the party's platform.

Trump running mate Mike Pence 'man of honour'

In foreign policy, Trump would lead from strength, Pence said and added, "He will rebuild the arsenal of democracy, stand with our allies and hunt down and destroy the enemies of our freedom". "We're different people", Trump said. "The campaign welcomes the addition of Governor Pence and his team of advisers to the ticket". Instead, if it's Pence, he winds up with someone who wouldn't have been a surprising choice for Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Scott Walker, if one of them had been the ...

Trump pivots to conservatives with VP pick

At Saturday's press conference, Trump noted the difference between Pence and "crooked Hillary Clinton", saying that Pence would not be afraid to use the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" and the he would serve as a partner to "fix our rigged system".

Disaster in Dallas: Time for healing

The protest took place in an area occupied on Saturdays by the Women in Black anti-war protestors. "It's my hope that this chapter can show that, yes, all lives matter , but especially at this particular time we need to declare that Black lives matter", Johnson said .