Police officer who fatally shot Jordan Edwards is fired

Oliver, who was hired by the department in 2011, has 10 days to appeal. "We are declaring war on bad policing". "We will continue to reach out to the parents and keep them informed as we move forward from this point". According to the Washington Post , they left the house to see a vehicle backing into the street. Officers yelled for the driver to stop, but he didn't.

African Americans and the Affordable Care Act

Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., said in an interview, describing the Kentucky Republican's request to GOP senators during a lunch. U.S. Reps. Diane Black (R-TN), Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Greg Walden (R-OR), each serving in leadership roles on key committees, praised last week's House approval of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as a step toward patient-centered health care reforms.

Trump suggests he might drop daily press briefings

Conflicting stories were the topic of much media discussion. "As a very active president with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy!.", Trump said in a series of tweets as he defended his spokespersons, who in the past few days have been seen quite often contradicting multiple times.

United States needs govt shutdown to fix mess

It does not include funding for the proposed US-Mexico border wall or include language stripping federal money from so-called sanctuary cities . He urged Republicans to consider forcing a shutdown in September and called for a change to Senate rules in an attempt to get funding for his policies including building a wall on the Mexican border.

Paul Ryan's Going To Hate Seth Meyers' Response To His Email

Paul Ryan's Going To Hate Seth Meyers' Response To His Email

House Speaker Paul Ryan has endured especially scathing criticism for his astonishingly craven abandonment of his purportedly deep-seated convictions that members of Congress should legislate deliberately, know a bill's financial impact , and actually read each bill before voting-none of which, of course, are things he insisted on with respect to his bill.

Tick spraying a popular way to find off disease-carrying critters

Tick spraying a popular way to find off disease-carrying critters

If Dr Curnow's revelations prove to be correct, the implications for cases of medical negligence could be huge with 1,000s of Australians suffering owing to this great oversight. "I don't want his childhood to be affected due to a fear of ticks, so I still want him to grow up running and playing in the woods and not have a fear of getting bit by a bug".