Trump says 'possible' Federal Bureau of Investigation post filled by Friday

Mr Trump has said that Mr Comey has told him three times that he was not a target of the FBI inquiry, comments that have raised accusations among opponents that the president was interfering in the investigation. Officials initially pointed to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's memo as the force that led to Comey's firing. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokesperson and daughter of former Arkansas Gov.

Parents demonstrate at school where 8-year-old was bullied

Horrific footage of an eight-year-old boy has emerged of him being brutally bullied just days before he tragically took his own life. The school said it released the surveillance video to be "completely transparent" and reminded the public that "no charges resulted" from an investigation into Gabriel's death.

Donald Trump jabs Rosie O'Donnell over old James Comey tweet

Donald Trump jabs Rosie O'Donnell over old James Comey tweet

In that testimony, Comey said he was "mildly nauseous" to think that he may have swung the election after coming forward days before the election to say that he was reopening the Clinton email investigation. McCabe also challenged this claim and said that Comey's dismissal will not impede the investigation . "He said it once at dinner, and then he said it twice during phone calls".

Clapper: 'Uneasy' Comey Told Me Trump Invited Him To White House Dinner

President Trump tweeted a veiled threat Friday toward former FBI Director James B. Comey over possible tapes of their conversations. "During my tenure as DNI, it was my practice to defer to the FBI director, both Director Mueller and then subsequently Director Comey, on whether, when and to what extent they would inform me about such investigations", Clapper told senators.