Scott Baio adds tribute to Erin Moran following Happy Days Co-Star's Death

Emergency responders had been dispatched about 4 p.m. after the Harrison County, Indiana, sheriff's department received a 911 call, the department said. Her life was cut short at only 56. The show premiered the same year she made her film debut opposite Debbie Reynolds in How Sweet It Is . "I can't really comprehend this right now".

Justice Department Declares New York City 'Soft on Crime'

Justice Department Declares New York City 'Soft on Crime'

While raising the minimum price of a cigarette pack to $13 from the present $10.50 minimum, NY will be the most expensive place in the entire nation to purchase cigarettes, as confirmed by city officials. "Many of these jurisdictions are also crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime", the DOJ said in a statement, although research has found that jurisdictions with "sanctuary" policies in fact have lower crime rates than their nonsanctuary counterparts.

Kenny G Plays Saxophone On A Flight

Kenny G Plays Saxophone On A Flight

Delta Airlines was the host to an impromptu jazz concert after funds were raised onboard the flight to the tune of $2,000. American saxophonist Kenny G , after being spotted on a Delta flight departing from Tampa International Airport, was asked to perform for the crowded flight.

President Trump to hold rally on night of White House Correspondents Dinner

The letter requires the cities to prove they are complying with an immigration law and cooperating with immigration authorities to continue receiving a specific law enforcement grant. Given how thin-skinned Trump is to any criticism, even a Saturday Night Live sketch, his absence makes sense. The event will come after a busy week in Washington , D.C.

Free Agent Blake Griffin likely done with Los Angeles Clippers

Rodney Hood and Derrick Favors scored 18 and 17 points, respectively, off the bench. Of course, in Game 1 it was to be expected as they started out the game with the devastating injury to Rudy Gobert , but they bounced back quickly and trailed by just two points heading into the second.

An American Airlines Employee Hit a Mom With Her Baby Stroller!

According to the man who originally posted the video on Facebook, a flight attendant had grabbed the woman's stroller as she attempted to place it in an overheard bin, almost hitting her and her child. The woman and her child were escorted off the plane after the incident, but the flight attendant was allowed to board. American said it would open an investigation into the incident.