Volleyball games at North Korean nuke test site: Monitor

The people appear to be standing in formations consistent with volleyball games, he added. North Korea's military has been spotted seemingly playing a game of volleyball at the main Punggye-ri nuclear test site. As tensions between Washington and Pyongyang flared last week, many Korea watchers expected a high-level provocation on April 15, the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

At raucous town hall, GOP congressman confronts anger about Trump

At raucous town hall, GOP congressman confronts anger about Trump

Across the country on Wednesday night, Colorado's Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) faced similar constituent anger over his decision to support the GOP's health care plan. "I just think it's not only in the best interest of the country, but in terms of serving this president, Sean Spicer is not able to do his job", Coffman said.

Texas Representatives debating school finance bill

Heading into the committee hearing, the House version states that local governments may not adopt an ordinance to "protect a class of persons from discrimination, or reduce or expand a class of persons protected under state law from discrimination".

Justice Department Threatens Sanctuary Cities In Immigration Fight

The statement was part of an ongoing dispute between Republican President Donald Trump and cities including NY over immigration policy, with the Trump administration threatening to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities.

USS Carl Vinson Not In North Korea, So Where Is It?

Defence Secretary Jim Mattis looked to address confusion over the issue on Wednesday, telling reporters traveling with him in the Middle East that the adjustment in the Vinson's schedule had been disclosed in the interest of transparency.