Republicans tout GOP healthcare bill on Sunday shows

Republicans tout GOP healthcare bill on Sunday shows

Briefing Trump at the White House on the amendment on Wednesday, Upton reminded the president that he had said in a CBS interview last weekend that he wanted to ensure that coverage for pre-existing conditions were as strong as Obamacare. Gov. John Kasich of OH questioned what would happen to the mentally ill, drug addicts and people with chronic illnesses under the changes proposed for Medicaid.

Comey Is Willing To Testify Before Lawmakers-But Only in Public

Nor was it the end of Trump's stunning display of supreme self-confidence, or unwitting self-sabotage. "So you don't need a special prosecutor", Graham said on NBC's " Meet the Press " program. Comey has not publicly discussed any conversations he has had with Trump. Later on Wednesday, Mr Trump also met the Russian foreign minister and Russian ambassador to Washington in another bit of awkward timing.

Trump at Liberty University:

Trump at Liberty University: "We don't worship government; we worship God"

Trump, who took office on January 20, also sounded familiar campaign themes about a broken system in Washington. President Donald Trump is telling college graduates that they should "relish the opportunity to be an outsider". Christian conservatives have been overjoyed by Trump's appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, along with Trump's choice of socially conservative Cabinet members and other officials.

Trump addresses class of 2017 at Liberty University

Trump addresses class of 2017 at Liberty University

He thanked them and their families many of them for supporting him and noted that a majority of evangelicals did turn out to vote for him, despite a lot of predictions to the contrary. Obviously, he was referring to the "religious freedom" executive order from a few days back. Trump said he and his staff are looking at "very well known, highly respected, really talented people, and that's what we want for the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

'We Believe You're Willing': Trump Declares Abbas Partner in Peace

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement accompanied by U.S. President Donald Trump during a visit to the White House in Washington D.C., U.S., May 3, 2017. The Arab Peace Initiative refers to the 2002 Saudi Arabian proposal to trade an Israeli-Palestinian settlement based on the 1967 lines for a comprehensive Israeli peace with most of its Arab neighbors.

Israeli president urges embassies to move to Jerusalem after UNESCO vote

Citing ongoing Israeli settlement expansion in East Jerusalem , Qanou called on the Muslim world and the worldwide community to recognize and practice the terms of the resolution. Six other European Union countries voted against the measure - Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany and the United Kingdom - and another five abstained: France, Spain, Slovania and Estonia.