Donald Trump ready to make 'fast decision' on new Federal Bureau of Investigation director

Moreover, the Trump administration was looking for a quiet week, but it turned the other way round following Comey's dismissal, the Journal reported, citing a source. Finally, such a nomination would also be self-defeating for the President's own interests, since it would undercut whatever remaining force there was to the narrative that Comey was sacked to preserve the integrity of the office (and the Bureau), rather than because it seemed, however myopically, to be in the President's ...

James Comey declines offer to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee

Critics have assailed Mr Trump for abruptly dismissing Mr Comey just as the agency is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA election, and possible Moscow ties to the Trump presidential campaign. President Trump told NBC News that Mr Comey requested the one-on-one dinner, but the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director reportedly maintains it was the president who invited him.

Backed Syrian forces say Raqqa assault could start in June

The U.S. considers the Syrian Kurdish fighters, known as the YPG, as the most effective group in the fight against Islamic State militants in their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa. President Trump has made a decision to provide arms and ammunition to a Kurdish-dominated militia in Syria known as the YPG. The Pentagon and State Department will need to work fast to get Turkey to, if not support the decision to arm the Kurds, at least acquiesce to it.

After Comey firing, Trump's frustrations boiled over

After Comey firing, Trump's frustrations boiled over

On Thursday, the best Huckabee Sanders could do was make reference to emails and text messages she says she personally received after the president fired him. "Now you too can have the White House press secretary in - or rather "among" - the bushes in your yard". Opinion is divided within the bureau over the job that Comey did during his three-year tenure, with views split along political lines over the bureau's unusually prominent role in the fall presidential campaign, one former senior ...