White House: Government Shutdown Possible If Democrats Keep Hurting Trump's Feelings

US President Donald Trump says the nation "needs a good shutdown in September" to fix a "mess" in the Senate. Trump tweeted on Tuesday that maybe a government shutdown would not be so bad and that Republicans should consider changing Senate rules to make it easier to pass spending and other bills without any Democratic support.

'Nothing more pathetic …' Trump's commencement address has message for Comey, critics

Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter all spoke at that in school during their first year as president. And I want to thank you, because boy did you come out and vote, those of you that are old enough, in other words your parents. the future belongs to the people who follow their heart no matter what the critics say because they truly believe in their vision. He also called out former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly, whom he said is a friend and who was in the crowd to watch his daughter ...

Officials piece together events before nursing home shooting

Officials piece together events before nursing home shooting

Officials say they aren't yet sure of a motive behind the killings. The gunman, identified as Thomas Hartless, 43, was also found dead at the scene. As we begin police week, we remember the courageous service of all police officers, who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

Trump urges graduates to learn 'lesson from his outsider status'

His words come more than a week after signing a religious liberty executive order that allows religious groups increased freedom of political speech. Tens of thousands of people packed an on-campus stadium to welcome Trump, the second sitting president to address the university's commencement ceremony, with applause and a standing ovation.

Texas Senate Approves Bill Disqualifying Trans Student Athletes on Hormone Therapy

On Tuesday, the Texas Senate passed a bill that would directly impact transgender student athletes in Texas. "I don't think we should ever discriminate against these students", he said. "SB 1018 benefits the two for-profit prison corporations by legitimizing their operations in Texas at the expense of mothers and children", said State Sen.

Just 29 percent approve of Trump's decision to fire Comey

As his staff continues to manage fallout from Comey's firing, among the people Trump is most upset at are chief of staff Reince Priebus, Dubke, and Spicer, according to the Times report, which cited six West Wing officials. Even Mike Pence was reportedly " rattled " after Trump undercut him on Rod Rosenstein's role in the Comey firing. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come in for particularly vicious attacks from Trump , according to two White House sources cited by AP.