How Gorsuch's confirmation could impact the Supreme Court

How Gorsuch's confirmation could impact the Supreme Court

Justice Samuel Alito said to laughter. Unlike Gorsuch , Alito had three weeks to get ready before his first arguments. Gorsuch, at 49 the youngest new justice in a quarter-century, served for a decade on the Denver-based 10th USA circuit court of appeals before Trump nominated him in January.

Military helicopter crashes in Maryland

Military helicopter crashes in Maryland

Video of the aftermath shows people surrounding the mangled helicopter on the ground as other helicopters can be overheard in the background. The two surviving crew members are being treated at Shock Trauma in Baltimore. Fort Belvoir is located near the Potomac River south of Washington. The post One killed in U.S. military helicopter crash in Maryland appeared first on Vanguard News.

Allegations against Susan Rice should be a high priority for Congress

Pence, when asked if Rice should testify in front of Congress, said such a decision is up to lawmakers. It now looks likely that former President Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, was spying on President Trump and his associates both during the run-up to the presidential election and during the transition.

Federal judge blocks Arkansas execution plan

The state reacted to her decision by filing federal court appeals Saturday. Lawmakers have suggested the move may be grounds for the Arkansas House to begin impeachment proceedings, saying the demonstration and a blog post Griffen wrote on the death penalty this week may amount to "gross misconduct" under the state constitution.

United Airlines debacle: Was a 'random' computer search really to blame?

The flight was loaded and preparing to leave Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Sunday when the man was dragged off. The code specifies that passengers who are on an overbooked or canceled flight are entitled to either a seat with another flight, a purchased seat on another carrier with which the airline has an agreement, or a refund on the ticket.

Pence and Abe agree coordinated efforts are crucial for containing N. Korea

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday warned North Korea not to test the resolve of President Donald Trump, adding that the world is running out of patience with the rogue regime in Pyongyang. "We support the USA putting pressure on Chinese banks to ensure that the elites in North Korea can not continue to live the comfortable lives that they now do while the people of North Korea are suffering".