We will 'take care of' violent crimes against police

Smith, Brent Thompson and Patrick Zamarripa among the almost 400 read aloud in Washington, DC . Sebastian County Sheriff Bill Hollenbeck and several of his deputies escorted Cooper's widow to the candlelight vigil. A Wreath Laying Ceremony will be held immediately following the Memorial Service. He also presented a memorial from the American Police Hall of Fame to Officer Ventura's widow, Maggie.

Pope canonizes siblings behind Portugal's Fatima visions

Pope canonizes siblings behind Portugal's Fatima visions

Two children died at the age of 10 and 9 years old, three years after the apparitions of 1917, which made them the youngest saints of the Church who were not martyrs. The process for her sainthood began in 2008. Before the Mass, Francis prayed at the tombs of each of the Fatima visionaries. Participating in the offertory procession Saturday were Joao Baptista and his wife, Lucila Yurie, of Brazil.

France's new president moves quickly on first full day in office

Mr Philippe is the mayor of the Normandy port of Le Havre, a trained lawyer and an author of political thrillers. A powerful pick is crucial for Mr Macron, who must do well in next month's parliamentary elections to push through some economic reforms on his plate.

The President and the Media

Trump has a style no other politician has shown the public. Trump's open Oval Office policy is created to allow a flow of ideas and information to him; however, according to officials, aides often try to influence him politically and trigger him with news stories-some real, some fake.

'I was a little bit surprised' over backlash against Comey's firing

The White House initially said Trump was compelled to fire Comey after a critical memo from the deputy attorney general on the director's handling of last year's investigation into Clinton's use of a private e-mail server. Trump's company, didn't respond to requests seeking comment Friday. "You have these tremendous - the level of hatred toward him, especially during that period of time with Hillary Clinton where he gave her a free ride", Trump said.

Warner: Senate Intel Committee would 'love' Comey to testify in open hearing

As in Friday's briefing, Spicer refused to commit when asked if the White House would keep the daily briefing. Aides said the topic was debated among staff on Friday morning, but it appeared likely enough that Trump was in the clear. "Let them do it", Trump said. I assume you are referring to the tweet? Andrew McCabe, who was the FBI's deputy director, has now become its acting head after Donald Trump ousted Mr Comey earlier this week.