University of Texas Stabbings: One Killed and Three Harmed at Austin Campus

University of Texas Stabbings: One Killed and Three Harmed at Austin Campus

Lori Brown told the television station KXAN that she had talked with her son on the phone a few minutes earlier and he told her he had just played basketball and was headed to a food truck. A memorial service was held at University of Texas-Austin on April 3 to make the one-year anniversary of the death of freshman Haruka Weiser. The theater and dance student was walking home from class when she was strangled and sexually assaulted.

Sean Spicer Denies Trump Tweet Was a Threat to James Comey

Many social media users took to different digital platforms to call for Donald Trump's impeachment , with #ImpeachTrumpNow trending worldwide on Twitter. Sarah Huckabee Sanders , the deputy press secretary, said it was not unusual to forgo the practice of allowing the press into a meeting when the president was not seeing another head of state.

AG Sessions tells prosecutors to seek 'most serious' charges

Under this new policy, prosecutors are urged to look for the most serious offenses provable, in many cases triggering mandatory minimum sentences , thereby limiting the sentencing options of judges. These measurements were necessary because too many low-level criminals were filling up jail cells with unnecessary life-long sentences. And Sessions said it gives prosecutors "discretion to avoid sentences that would result in an injustice".

Tillerson: Trump weighs embassy move impact on Mideast peace

A wave of Palestinian stabbing, shooting, and car-ramming attacks claimed the lives of 41 Israelis, two United States nationals, and a British tourist since mid-September 2015. Both sides are expected to sign six bilateral agreements, including on agriculture, education, technology and consular services. Netanyahu hurried to remove any doubt - and preempt protest within his right-wing government - in a statement issued by his office.

Oklahoma officer says she recalled training as she shot man

Oklahoma officer says she recalled training as she shot man

The sixth day of the Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby manslaughter trial continues Monday morning, and the defense will continue calling witnesses. Prosecutors have said there was no reason for Shelby to fire on a man who was walking away from her. "I'm told in my training that you don't let them pull their arm back out.

Authorities: Jet crashed at small airport near New York City

Police on the scene confirm that multiple buildings are on fire, but no other details have been released. Joe Orlando, a spokesman for the Borough of Carlstadt, told NBC News the plane hit at least three separate properties, including a Department of Public Works facility.