Gov. Chris Christie expected to speak at RNC

Gov. Chris Christie expected to speak at RNC

Trump appeared on video to predict victory in November after being formally nominated. "It is something I will never, ever forget". Hours later, Bramnick beamed on the convention floor standing next to Christie's son Andrew as he announced that New Jersey's 51 delegates were voting for him to become the party's nominee.

Iowa delegates headed to Republican National Convention

Iowa delegates headed to Republican National Convention

The convention's rules committee, dominated by Trump backers and top national and state GOP officials, used a voice vote late Thursday to reject Unruh's proposal. Donald Trump's effort to unite a splintered Republican Party around his candidacy is about to take center stage in a city that is itself deeply fractured.

More than 100 gather in support of Black Lives Matter in Manchester

Both drew intense media attention and public reaction. It was just one of several events aimed at bringing healing and unity after the shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas. "We don't have police brutality in Portland, and that's a good thing, and we want to make sure that continues and that dialogue is important", Strimling said.

Why is the Public Attempting to Undermine Black Lives Matter?

From there, they marched throughout the streets of downtown Tampa until they stopped at the intersection they blocked. Tampa resident Chielle Thompson's sign said, "When we comply, we still die". So there were some incendiary and counterproductive responses to the tragedy in Dallas , but there were perhaps no worse response than that of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who complained, in perhaps the most galling and offensive way possible, that those peacefully protesting for ...

Funds Pour In To Support Family Of Philando Castile

Reynolds spoke to questions she's gotten about why she chose to broadcast Castile's death saying, "I wanted the world to know". " It addressed the killing of two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police officers this week".

LA Police: Gunman Targeted and Assassinated Police

Tuesday evening a procession of a few hundred motorcyclists roared down Airline Highway and gathered at police headquarters to show their respects. One officer remains in critical condition. "Unless relationships are established, there will be no changes". "I just want us to have peace and drive down the road and not feel like we have to duck our heads and look around and see if someone's going to be on top of a roof", said Pam Collins, a resident of a Baton Rouge suburb who brought three ...