Mormon church removes 185K teens from Boy Scouts, plans own organization

Mormon church removes 185K teens from Boy Scouts, plans own organization

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced today it is dropping scout programs for older teens, ages 14-18. What would you say to Church members about participation in the Friends of Scouting fundraising drive? Despite worries that that policy change would cause Boy Scouts membership to dip even farther, the organization reported a strong 2016 with youth membership on the verge of stabilizing after a prolonged decline.

What to know about travel ban appeals

Warren). For the second time in a week, government lawyers will try to persuade a federal appeals court to reinstate President Donald Trump's revised travel ban - and once again, they can expect plenty of questions about whether the ban was created to discriminate against Muslims.

Watch Donald Trump's First Commencement Speech as President

Speaking to graduates at Liberty University, Trump returned to his outsider message. He asked graduates to ask themselves going forward whether they defied expectations, challenged the accepted wisdom and took on established systems. Trump's appearance at Liberty was the first of two commencement addresses he'll give this spring. Liberty and its president, however, have already proved to be supportive of Trump, and on Saturday, he spoke before a cheering capacity crowd at the school's ...

No injuries on ground in plane crash

Several buildings caught fire, according to Carlstadt Police. Officials said the plane crashed into a parking lot near the buildings that caught fire. The impact of the crash set three buildings and power lines ablaze, and left a smoldering wreckage of more than a dozen cars in a parking lot, Carlstadt Police Chief Tom Berta said.

Israel Will Deploy 10000 Policemen In Anticipation Of Donald Trump's Visit

But U.S. national security adviser H.R. McMaster suggested on Friday that Trump could move closer to the two-state principle when he meets Abbas, saying the U.S. Donald Trump is set to meet Palestinian and Israeli leaders nearly back-to-back on his first foreign trip as U.S. President. Israel has built settlements on war-won lands, now home to 600,000 Israelis.

Miss USA stirs controversy, calls healthcare 'privilege'

Ms McCullough said that the United States needs to "continue to cultivate this environment where we're given the opportunities" for jobs and healthcare. Tweets included, "Dang, I wanted Miss win but I'm sorry affordable health care is not a privilege ". Kara McCullough , who fits into the rightfully beloved STEM world, is creating a whirlpool of emotional outcries following conservative answers to questions she gave enroute to her crowning as Miss USA 2017.