Children score big at Napa Easter egg hunt

Children score big at Napa Easter egg hunt

Trump and his family have spent Easter at Mar-a-Lago in the past and attended the Easter service at Bethesda. "It's a little bit bigger than a year ago, but the weather I think made that happen". You'll be hard pressed to find a bigger Easter egg hunt. Hundreds of children holding bags, baskets and buckets sprinted across the grass toward the shiny plastic eggs.

Arrested In California Protests

An anti-Trump protester named Geoff Millard said the rallies by pro-Trump campaigners were meant to intimidate the other side. "We're here to say we care", said Singh. For four decades, presidents and major party nominees have released some of their tax returns, with the exception of Gerald Ford. So Trump critics are prepared to make some noise.

Kenyans sweep Boston Marathon on a good day for USA runners

Kenyans sweep Boston Marathon on a good day for USA runners

The 41-year-old Keflezighi plans to step down from competitive running this fall after the New York Marathon, which would be his 26th event at that distance. According to the article, Sanchez doesn't even like running but he said he ran the marathon Monday because he's thankful that he can. She noted that a woman had already run the course once - without entering.

Israel Refuses to Negotiate With Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

The United Nations on Tuesday said it was following closely a hunger strike by more than 1,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons and urged restraint following clashes with the strikers' supporters in the West Bank. The worldwide community, it insisted, should bear its "legal and ethical responsibilities" to oblige Israel to respect global law by dealing with the Palestinians it is holding as prisoners of war.

With Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago, Ivanka's Brand Gets a Boost

Ivanka Trump forms four new companies in DE to handle licensing contracts for baby products and costume jewelry. "We would be doing 30 deals across the globe" were his father not the president, he said, adding that foreign markets have faster growth rates than domestic ones, cutting off what he says is 80 percent of the Trump Organization's new business.

Trump signs order targeting visa program

The officials spoke on condition they not be identified because the cabinet-level officials who could discuss the matter on the record were unavailable. This year, 199,000 applications were received. To protect jobs and wages of workers in the United States, Trump said that his administration is going to implement "Hire American" rules.