Trump staff writer takes responsibility for Melania speech controversy

But soon side-by-side comparisons of Melania Trump's remarks and Michelle Obama's 2008 speech were playing non-stop on the networks. I did not check Mrs. "While he can be extremely volatile in both public and private and prone to dismissing top lieutenants and shaking up his high command, Trump has deep affection discreet longtime lower-tier employees like McIver who have devoted themselves to him".

Trump campaign's 'Emergency Speech Plagiarism Response Plan'

This week's four-day convention is Mr Trump's highest-profile opportunity to convince voters that he is better suited for the presidency than Hillary Clinton , who will be officially nominated at next week's Democratic gathering. Christie, who is governor of New Jersey and leads Trump's White House transition team, told dozens of donors the campaign was drawing up a list of federal government employees to fire if Trump defeats Clinton.

Donald Trump staff writer takes responsibility for Melania speech controversy

Yet the celebration was soon halted by a protest from Alaska delegates backing Ted Cruz. And for Mr Trump's supporters, this is their first grip on the party they have long craved to control, and now they do not want to let go. Two passages from Mrs. Trump's address - each 30 words or longer - matched a 2008 Democratic convention address by Michelle Obama almost word-for-word.

Nation reacts after 3 officers killed in Baton Rouge

Long was deployed to Iraq in June 2008 before returning home in January 2009, the Los Angeles Times reports. He also says: "You've got to fight back". A number of local leaders and law enforcement agencies are expressing their condolences to the Baton Rouge Police Department and Sheriff's Office after three of their officers were killed in a gun battle with a former Marine.

Donald Trump Officially Nominated Republicans' Presidential Candidate

Trump", NBC said in a statement at the time . Trump backers faced down a revolt from Republican delegates opposed to him, and in the end Trump's wife Melania offered a powerful testimonial to her husband, her voice flavored with the accent of her native Slovenia.