US House Oversight Committee Chair Won't Seek Office Next Year

Chaffetz also started a media firestorm when he said low-income Americans should have to choose between an iPhone and health care coverage - a statement he later said did not come out " smoothly ". Chaffetz held a prominent leadership position within Congress as the chair of the House Oversight Committee , so his unexpected exit could leave a power vacuum to be filled by an up-and-coming Republican representative.

US Rep. Steve King toasts Border Patrol over deportation

Administration officials say they didn't deport Montes in February in the way he claims ― but that they could have if they had wanted to. For the first time under President Donald Trump, federal agents deported an undocumented immigrant who was brought to the United States as a child, USA Today reported .

Search resumes for hiker, Chattanooga 8th grader at Grand Canyon National Park

The family announced late Tuesday night that the Merrell company would be providing climbers and rescuers and that the family of the missing boy was offering a military-grade drone to assist in the search. The odds aren't great. However, it also meant they were missing in the Grand Canyon without their gear. The pair were hiking below canyon's North Rim with Randy Merrell and Jackson Standefer's mom, Julie Standefer.

Utah Rep. Chaffetz says he won't run for re-election

Chaffetz will remain as the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. That's not something Chaffetz, who first declined to endorse the current president during the 2016 election, can allow to happen. At a February 9 town hall meeting in Cottonwood Heights, Chaffetz was booed by many of his constituents frustrated with his management of the House Oversight Committee.

Bill O'Reilly gets axed by Fox

The channel's most popular host lost his job on the same day he was photographed in Rome shaking the hand of Pope Francis . "Mission accomplished", said Keith Olbermann, who frequently tweaked O'Reilly on an MSNBC show that competed in the same time slot for several years.

'Completely Unfounded Claims': Bill O'Reilly Releases Defiant Statement

O'Reilly departs in the wake of numerous sexual harassment allegations by female co-workers. the latest of which is a woman who anonymously said through her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, that O'Reilly would leer at her and call her "hot chocolate". Do we watch any of these people? O'Reilly is also one of the country's most popular nonfiction authors. Advertisers may have been reluctant to return if there were continuing harassment complaints.