Dallas Police Sgt. Michael Smith laid to rest in public service

Dallas Police Sgt. Michael Smith laid to rest in public service

Thousands from across the country, including Officers from the Coastal Bend, turned out in Dallas where funerals were held for three of five Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty. The funerals came a day after President Barack Obama praised the slain officers' heroism, condemned the attack as an "act not just of demented violence but of racial hatred" and made an impassioned plea for national unity.

Tim Tebow Just Called Out Donald Trump On This Huge Lie

He gave his seat to an alternate delegate , according to his spokeswoman. The GOP's anti-Trump movement suffered a serious setback Thursday night when the convention's rules committee rejected a proposal to release delegates from having to vote in line with state primary results.

Sanders to meet with delegates before start of convention

Chris Christie criticized Clinton in a convention speech Tuesday. Invited another C-list actor to speak on stage, only to have him run to the cameras to call President Barack Obama a Muslim. Florida Governor Rick Scott said, "Trump is the man for that job". Brown said White House appointees largely "leave automatically, so Christie's insistence on changing the law to make it easy to get rid of them is a bit off- base".

Trump Reminds Cruz He's Not The Nominee With Epic Flyover

Cruz will address the convention and he hasn't yet endorsed Trump. He said party leaders wanted to "make sure that Donald Trump is the nominee, regardless of what the states said, regardless of what the delegates say". Hundreds of people were there, including Texas delegates and those from other states. "I think that he'll talk about Hillary Clinton and the failures - how America cannot afford to have Hillary Clinton as President".

Trump staffer apologizes for Melania Trump speech

Pence is heartily on board the Trump bandwagon; Cruz isn't yet, nor are many of his supporters in Cleveland. Something has happened, you might say. Donald Trump's coronation had all the trappings of a great, albeit unconventional convention.