French election: Le Pen and Macron hold rival rallies

Mr Macron was seen beating the far-Right leader in the May 7 runoff by 64 per cent to 36. She is also facing a growing threat from left-winger Jean-Luc Melenchon, whose support in the polls has gone from barely 10% to nudging 20%. With just a week to go before the first round of France's presidential election, the demonstrators marched from the multi-ethnic northern suburb of Aubervilliers to a Paris neighborhood where Le Pen is scheduled to hold a rally on Monday, France24 reported.

Fresno killer showed no remorse in interviews

Fresno killer showed no remorse in interviews

Records show he was arrested at least twice as a teen for possessing a gun in school. Prosecutors said he left the state and the case was later dismissed after they declined to extradite him from a federal prison. From there, Dyer said, he watched police investigate his crime scene. He also told investigators he is Muslim, but he prays to seven different gods and hasn't been to a mosque in 25 years.

Georgia run-off sets new test for President Trump

Though she came away with slightly less than 20 percent of the vote, there's every reason to believe that GOP voters will rally around their chosen candidate in a one-on-one contest. That leaves the runoff as a matchup between a centrist Democrat and an establishment-friendly Republican, with both serving as at least a partial rejection of the president.

Flowering cross turns heads as churches celebrate Easter Sunday

He said: "As the resurrection morning brought a day of joy and laughter back to the disciples, the future years shall be full of abundance in Nigeria and bring back our joy and celebration in our streets in the name of Jesus". "For me, Easter is the celebration of how Jesus Christ rose from the dead, commemorating when the women went to the tomb and found it was empty". In a statement issued Saturday by the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Rowley said the values of faith and love celebrated ...

Jon Ossoff's supporters aren't giving up

Jon Ossoff's supporters aren't giving up

As of publishing time, with more than five-sixths of precincts reporting , Ossoff had won 48.6 percent of the vote in the 18-candidate field, and Handel 19.5 percent. Republicans were served with another wake-up call as they received another reminder of President Donald Trump's unpopularity when Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff narrowly missed winning the seat Republicans have held for the last 40 years.

Deported man with DACA status suing to return to U.S.

The lawsuit came less than a month after Curiel approved a $25 million settlement in a case alleging the now-defunct Trump University misled customers. He was asked to sign documents without being given copies or an opportunity to see an immigration judge. Montes' attorneys say their client is believed to be the first known DACA recipient to be deported by President Donald Trump.