Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump, Gets Booed at Republican Convention Address

Ted Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump, Gets Booed at Republican Convention Address

That wasn't enough for the crowd, which loudly booed Cruz and chanted for Trump. "Our party now has a nominee", Cruz said , laughing as Trump's personal plane flew overhead. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Cruz's decision "totally selfish". While many former candidates who made appearances at the convention to coronate Trump, including Wisconsin Gov.

Bexar Delegate And Cruz Supporter Live-Blogging GOP Convention

Cruz did tell his supporters he wanted to see unity in the Republican Party, and that the way to do that was "unite behind shared principles, us to unite in defense of liberty and for us to empower the grassroots". Yep, Ted Cruz buried Trump and launched into a 2020 campaign speech about terrorism. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie implored delegates to shout "Guilty!" in response to various accusations of wrongdoing.

Ted Cruz Said Something Very Strange About Hillary Clinton at the RNC

She received a smattering of applause from fellow Republicans for acknowledging his move to eliminate the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military. Trump, officially nominated by the GOP on Tuesday night, formally accepts the nomination Thursday night. Sources have said that Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was sounded out for the VP slot - which helped Walker warm to Trump.

Angry Texans storm out after Trump interrupts Ted Cruz convention speech

You can view Eric Trump's entire speech above. Sorry, Mr. Trump, but Day 3 of your Republican National coronation, uh, Convention got hijacked by the man who all but attached the #NeverTrump hashtag to his pin right from the podium. The reaction to Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump, who branded the Texas senator "Lyin' Ted" during the GOP primaries, stood in stark contrast to his reception earlier Wednesday among a crowd of the convention's most conservative delegates.

'Lock her up': Chris Christie leads mock trial of Hillary Clinton

'Lock her up': Chris Christie leads mock trial of Hillary Clinton

Guilty or not guilty - that's what Christie asked his audience for a verdict about Clinton on her leadership on the Islamic State group , China, and an al-Qaida-linked group in Nigeria. In the last six months, Christie has been a willing attack dog and reliable supporter of Trump. Tiffany Trump , who just graduated from her dad's alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, hasn't campaigned that much, and admitted that speaking to such a large crowd was still new to her.

Republican delegates brace for the unexpected

Trump and those aligned with him, make the case, make the case to those delegates who want to have a voice, make the case that they should use their voice to support him". Coca-Cola contributed $666,000 to the 2012 Republican convention in Tampa Bay and another $100,000 in soda. That movement was dealt a major defeat on Thursday when it was rejected by the rules committee at the convention .