Melania Trump's speechwriter offered to resign but was forgiven instead

McIver, co-author of some of Donald Trump's books, said she offered to resign but the Republican nominee for president refused to accept her resignation. The kind of hate directed toward President Obama that Donald Trump has relied on for the last five years, in part by his championing the "birther" cause that disputed whether the President is truly a citizen of this country, is never going to be embraced by a majority of the American people.

'Veep' guest-star Peter MacNicol's Emmy nomination revoked

'Veep' guest-star Peter MacNicol's Emmy nomination revoked

However, the actor shouldn't have been eligible for the award he was nominated for, having appeared in over half of Veep's fifth season as Jonah's politically influential uncle, responsible for running his nephew's congressional campaign.

Calm before the storm: A preview of the Republican Convention

Olsen said the selection of Pence may help bring factions of the Republican Party together. Christie is the de-facto leader of the delegation. Trump's campaign responded in a statement that said her "immigrant experience and love for America shone through in her speech".

Ted Cruz's RNC snub shows Republican rift remains

In a statement issued by the campaign, McIver said Mrs. Trump had told her that she admired Mrs. Obama, and had read passages from Obama's speech as an example of things she liked. "Certainly races can be won based on focusing on the opponent", said Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee. "I can tell you this, I think Ted Cruz made a mistake".

Pence taps loyalists, new guard for VP staff

But Pence on Sunday said he was fine with Trump's style of campaigning. "He's a solid, solid person", Trump said a few minutes into his speech before meandering through a number of other topics as Pence waited in the wings for almost a half hour to be introduced.