UN Ambassador Defends Comey Firing: Trump Is 'The CEO Of The Country'

UN Ambassador Defends Comey Firing: Trump Is 'The CEO Of The Country'

He doesn't talk with a bunch of people about it before, he just acts". Asked whether the president sought a pledge of loyalty from her, Haley replied, "No". "I think that's what he's trying to do". They called for a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director without any political background and said Mr Trump would need to hand over to Congress any taped conversations with Mr Comey, if they exist.

United States lawmaker calls for Trump impeachment

I will not be moved. Two presidents have been impeached, and neither was convicted. Mr. Speaker, the American people are a part of this democracy. "It's time to let us know". Republican Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina also endorsed the legislation. USA congressmen from Idaho aren't, however, as quick to add further pressure without additional facts.

Paul Ryan warns against rushing to judgment on James Comey memo

She said: 'I think Vladimir Putin knows exactly what he is doing. The White House has denied that Trump asked Comey to end the Flynn investigation. The foreign minister smiled back, chuckling at the brief exchange the same way he did when he stood next to his American counterpart, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, as he was asked about Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey just days after the head of the federal agency reportedly requested additional resources for the Russian ...

Click It or Ticket effort set to begin May 22

Click It or Ticket effort set to begin May 22

Seat belts are mandatory in Virginia for all persons riding in the front seat. Click it or Ticket 2017. "We may be good drivers but that's not always good enough to keep us safe in a crash if we choose to ignore the seat belt", Brainerd Police Officer Tony Runde stated in a newsrelease.

Chelsea Manning released after seven years from military prison

The army says Manning remains an active duty soldier, eligible for health care benefits. "She went to trial, that due process was carried out, that she took responsibility for her crime, that the sentence that she received was very disproportionate relative to what other leakers had received", Obama said days later, defending his decision.

Comey prepped answers ahead of Trump talks

They have stood by Trump for months during his tumultuous presidency, but key Senate Republicans are beginning to edge away from him after revelations that he gave top secret information to the Russians and attempted to quash the Russia investigation, the Globe's Annie Linskey reports.