Rally in support of Black Lives Matter held in Cabot Square

Baltimore's DeRay Mckesson , one of the faces of the Black Lives Matter movement, is calling for an end to the violence that has for weeks dominated headlines across the country. Rockford Police say we can help protect their safety as well as our safety by reporting threatening social media posts directed at a specific group.

It's Trump's moment to talk to the nation _ and GOP doubters

It's Trump's moment to talk to the nation _ and GOP doubters

In a speech a few moments after Cruz finished, former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich veered from his prepared text to defend Cruz . The Texas senator praised his father at length during his convention speech. Some aides to Trump, who habitually described Cruz as "Lying Ted" during the campaign, expected an endorsement.

Pence, Cruz, Gingrich cite Israel on contentious GOP convention night

Ted Cruz speaks at the Republican Party National Convention in Cleveland. Instead, he told the Republican National Convention to " vote your conscience ". For two days, the Trump campaign tried to brush aside any talk of plagiarism , calling the criticism absurd. Not Mike Pence, who told the crowd that President Obama was "weakening America's place in the world" and had been "abandoning our friends", apparently unaware that Donald Trump was, at that exact moment, weakening America's ...

Delegates from the Valley gearing up to fly to Republican convention

Ted Cruz still has over 100 delegates pledged to him under the primary, and we follow those rules. As an alternate delegate for Gov. John Kasich , who won Ohio's Republican presidential primary in March, Adams will meet with other OH delegates every morning and participate in daily meetings scheduled throughout the convention .

Arlington National Cemetery wants people to stop playing on its hallowed ground

The Auschwitz museum said Wednesday it had asked the makers of the popular Pokemon Go augmented reality game to block players at the former Nazi death camp out of respect for the dead. He said the museum is trying to get its location permanently removed from the game. The museum called playing " Pokemon Go " inside its walls "extremely inappropriate" and is trying to remove itself from the game.

Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump - will Republicans forgive him?

With other New Yorkers thinking the same thing, the boos only grew - fueled, no doubt, by their memories of Cruz as the candidate who lashed out at "New York values" during the primaries, said Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, a delegate on the floor.