2 arrested in connection with deadly brick attack

The Lynn man was taken to Union Hospital and is expected to survive, authorities said. They are scheduled to be arraigned in Lynn District Court Friday on charges of murder, armed robbery, and assault and battery with a risky weapon. Police say the suspects assaulted Sanchez earlier in the night outside at Lynn bar. The victims did not know their attackers, prosecutors have said.

Trump says he might cancel all 'press briefings'

Trump says he might cancel all 'press briefings'

Comey had previously refused to acknowledge the parallel Trump investigation, and his disclosure enrages Democrats who already blamed Comey for costing Clinton the presidency. Associates of the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director, who remained out of sign today at his suburban Virginia home, said they believed any recording would validate Comey's side of the story.

Powers and limits of the Trump-Russia special counsel

Let's imagine that his reported urging of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey that he drop an inquiry into then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's ties with Russian Federation (and, as it turned out, Turkey) and his subsequent firing of Mr.

Venezuela opposition leader blocked from traveling to UN

Protesters are demanding new elections, freedom for jailed activists, foreign aid and autonomy for the opposition-led legislature, the Reuters report said. Mobs looted shops and fought security forces overnight in Venezuela's restive western region, where three soldiers were being charged on Thursday with the fatal shooting of a man who was buying diapers for his baby, witnesses said.

Congressman calls for impeachment of Donald Trump on House floor

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal also told reporters that Mueller was conducting a criminal investigation, including into whether there was any obstruction of justice on behalf of Trump's campaign team. Comey for failing to disclose his notes to the Justice Department, which would be required by the law if he felt the president was trying to obstruct justice.

Why Trump can't fire his way out of 'Russia thing' this time

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump broke with longstanding White House protocol when he reportedly asked former FBI Director James Comey to go easy in his investigation of Michael Flynn, according to lawyers who served as attorney general and chief White House adviser under prior administrations.