Cop who shot Charles Kinsey: 'I did what I had to do'

Cop who shot Charles Kinsey: 'I did what I had to do'

Kinsey is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his right leg after three shots were fired, according to his attorney. "The video clearly shows him with his hands as high in the air as he can possibly get them", Napoleon said . Freezing. But he was still shot", said Wilson, a Democrat. It read in part, "I did what I had to do in a split-second". 'Why did you shoot me?' The shooting of Kinsey and the video that accompanied the stories caused an uproar.

Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine as running mate

At a joint campaign appearance last week in Virginia, which served as a final audition, Clinton stood side-by-side Kaine and beamed as he spoke of her virtues in Spanish , media reported . He has good relations with senators from the opposing party, according to senior Senate Republican congressional aides. Clinton praised the deal when she was secretary of state, but has since distanced herself from it.

Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine for running mate

Active in the Senate on foreign relations and military affairs, he built a reputation for working across the aisle as Virginia's governor and as mayor of Richmond. Some of his more centrist positions have upset some past supporters of Clinton's former rival Bernie Sanders, many of whom wanted her to make a more progressive pick.

Hillary Clinton names Sen. Tim Kaine her running mate

As for Kaine's Senate seat, there's no concern his election as vice president could jeopardize Democrats' hopes of winning back Congress' upper chamber in November: Kaine's replacement would be appointed by Virginia Gov. Trump, in a text to his own supporters, said Obama, Hillary and Kaine were "the ultimate insiders" and implored voters to not "let Obama have a 3rd term".

VP pick Pence is man of honor, honesty

No need for rumors, sources or tweets - Donald Trump made it official Saturday introducing Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Pence added that he supports Trump's call for building a wall along the United States border with Mexico.

Will Donald Trump win the USA presidential election?

Will Donald Trump win the USA presidential election?

Tim Kaine was the leading contender, according to a pair of Democrats familiar with Clinton's search. Mr Trump bemoans that things are worse after 15 years of wars in the Middle East - wars begun by Republican presidents. "I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves", Trump said. He shouted throughout as he read off a teleprompter, showing few flashes of humor or even smiles.