Services held for 3 of 5 Dallas Officers killed

Law enforcement agencies from Colorado are going to Dallas to represent the state and honor those who were lost in a shooting last week that killed five officers. Both girls share an unwanted bond - they had lost their fathers, killed so senselessly while in the line of duty. In the City of Hornell, there is a planned memorial service for the slain officers.

Donald Trump says he is voice of American people: RNC acceptance speech

Donald Trump says he is voice of American people: RNC acceptance speech

Cruz was booed off the stage at GOP convention on Wednesday when he declined to endorse Trump during his speech. The unequivocal appeal for a more inclusive tone is likely to give Trump's fellow Republicans permission to embrace an issue resonating deeply with a younger generation of voters from all sides of the political spectrum.

Officer who shot therapist has clean record

Protesters descended on the North Miami Police Department headquarters on Thursday night to voice their anger about the shooting. A second police officer, Emile Hollant, has also been placed on administrative leave without pay after giving conflicting statements to investigators, Spring said.

What Does 'Making America Great Again' Mean To RNC Delegates?

But in this case, I suspect the reason was simpler and more personal . "You know , he'll come and endorse over the next little while", he said . He gave January 20, 2017, the next presidential inauguration day, as the time when "safety will be restored".

Phoenix police: Black Lives Matter group is partner

Vioncey Dixon, whose sister, E'monnie, was shot to death in York earlier this year, urged the black community to demonstrate the meaning of Black Lives Matter. "This isn't about us African Americans; it's about everyone", said organizer Samantha Robinson. It is also in protest of the "disproportionate amount of black people that are being killed or incarcerated at the hands of police officers", said Brianne Murray.

North Miami shooting: Police officer who shot unarmed man identified

He was placed on administrative leave, police said. Spring declined to give specifics about how Hollant allegedly fabricated information about Monday's shooting of Charles Kinsey by Officer Jonathan Aledda . Whether or not you believe the Magic Racist Bullet Theory (I don't), there's every reason to believe that without Mr. Kinsey's intervention, that young man might be dead right now.