Daily On-Camera Press Briefings Might End for Spicer

Daily On-Camera Press Briefings Might End for Spicer

In other words, "She's ours, and you can't have her." Ha! Guilfoyle's own concurrent statement didn't quite mirror the network's. "As I stated in the interview , I really love what I do and my job co-hosting The Five is tough to beat".

Rod Rosenstein: Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump wanted James Comey gone

Lawmakers of both parties have sought to question his firing last week of FBI Director James Comey , which was followed by news that Trump had shared secrets with the Russians and allegedly tried to stop Comey from investigating former presidential adviser Michael Flynn.

Police say man behind disturbance arrested in LA

A Turkish national, identified as 25-year-old Anil Uskanil, wrapped a blanket or towel on his head and tried to rush the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 31. They say he was spotted by a contractor and detained until police officers arrived. "Local law enforcement responded once the civilian airliner was on the ground", said Commander Dave Benham, without elaborating on the nature of the disturbance or name of the airline.

Man Tried To Breach Cockpit Door On Hawaii Flight

According to Bloomberg, the passenger set the laptop down next to the cockpit door. Her husband was among those who got up to try to stop the man. Basden returned it to the man when he came out. The man, identified as Anil Tuvanc Uskanli - a Turkish national born in 1991- was subdued by crew members and passengers, including an off-duty Los Angeles police officer.

Congressman probing Comey firing, alleged Russian meddling quits

Rep. Devin Nunes, the cCairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had to recuse himself from that investigation after a freakish incident where he emerged from the White House and seemed to suggest he had evidence backing up President Trump's groundless contention that he had been under surveillance by The Obama Admin.

In New Orleans, Confederate monuments are gone _ Lee last

When the rest of the monument is brought down, it will be the fourth such historical marker removed since late April. The monuments sat at the entrance to the city's largest park, on a vaunted greenway, in a major traffic circle in one of this city's squares.