Gen. Lee the last Confederate statue removed in New Orleans

The statues will be placed in storage until the city decides on a place to display them, Landrieu previously said . The city plans to leave the column where Lee's statue stood intact and will mount public art in its place. Lee's removal was planned during the day, and announced in advance. Landrieu said the change was made to "maintain the safety of the construction worker" because of its proximity to electrical wires and New Orleans' famous streetcar lines.

Tornado injures 20, kills 2 in Wisconsin

Tornado injures 20, kills 2 in Wisconsin

Multiple people were trapped in homes after a tornado touched down south of the city. Many of his neighbors in the trailer park weren't so fortunate. A tornado struck a rural area in western Oklahoma, leaving damage in its wake but no immediate reports of injuries.

U.S. remains committed to arctic climate change research

This limits Tillerson's room to maneuver as he tries to find a way to express solidarity with fellow Arctic nations, without knowing where Trump will finally come down on the issue. Russian Federation and the United States are at loggerheads over the wars in Syria and Ukraine and over Russia's alleged attempts to covertly back Trump's victory in the US presidential race.

Trump basks in lavish Saudi welcome, escaping troubles in DC

Speaking to journalists after a ceremony to exchange agreements, Trump said it was a "tremendous day" and spoke of "hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs". And like Michelle Obama, and Obama's predecessor Laura Bush, Melania Trump did not cover her hair. The Saudis deeply distrusted Obama's overtures to Iran and were frustrated by his restrained approach to the Syrian civil war.

Amash: If Reports Are True, There Are Merits for Trump Impeachment

Trump that the formal process of a case of impeachment against him was begun, before he departed the country on Air Force One". "His advisers concede that the intense schedule - dozens of interactions with leaders from the Middle East and Europe, over a range of delicate issues - could produce unscripted, diplomatically perilous moments", The New York Times reports.

Dodgers Hall of Fame manager Lasorda hospitalized

Dodgers Hall of Fame manager Lasorda hospitalized, citing an unnamed representative for the Dodgers, reported that Lasorda is recovering from an infection and is expected to be released from the hospital sometime this week. Lasorda was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1997. "He means a lot", manager Dave Roberts said. I consider him a friend. He is in his 68th season with the team, having previously been a player and a scout before becoming both a minor and major league manager.