Second rally in solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement held in Montreal

Those chants came during a protest organized by Millions March NYC demonstrating against police brutality and the group formally disavowed them. The rally had over a hundred people of many ethnic backgrounds in attendance. Black Lives Matter protests have not all been peaceful; more than 70 people were arrested in Rochester at a rally a little more than a week ago. Brown said that the community must also do their part through being active in the local government, going to school and not ...

Church funerals for Dallas shooting victims after interfaith service

Justin Bamberg, a lawyer for Sterling's son, said he hoped the officer who shot Sterling would be criminally charged following the federal investigation into the incident. "Sam Eichenwald for NewsweekA Dallas police officer begins crying for his fallen comrades as a candlelight vigil honoring them begins". A separate, private funeral and burial will be held for Thompson in Corsicana.

Mets vs Cubs Tuesday in Chicago

Maybe that's why the Cubs had Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" playing on the clubhouse sound system after a 2-1 loss. Mets closer Jeurys Familia made it stand, but not before the Cubs loaded the bases against him with none out on a pair of walks and bunt single.

Trump Says Black Lives Matter Fueled Deadly Attacks On Police

Basically fully committing to the "all lives matter" crowd, Game also brought up the issue of "black-on-black" crime. "You are messing with our peace of mind", Mariah Carey's , 46, ex-husband said, according to The Daily Mail , with the deadly shootings of Philando Castile, 32, and Alton Sterling, 37, still fresh in his mind.

LEAK: Donald Trump's RNC Speech Just Hit the Web Hours Early

LEAK: Donald Trump's RNC Speech Just Hit the Web Hours Early

Trump wrote on Twitter . The conservative from Texas stood his ground on Thursday, the fourth and last day of a sometimes chaotic meeting. The Republican National Convention will shift its focus Thursday to " Make America One Again " with speakers who include RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Jr., and capped off with Donald Trump formally accepting the party's nomination for president.

A mysterious case of Zika raises new fears of person-to-person transmission

Health officials in Florida are investigating what could be the first case of mosquito-borne Zika transmission in the continental United States. Florida health officials are investigating a Zika infection in Miami-Dade County that may be the first acquired within the state, according to an announcement late Tuesday.