Scenes of utter destruction emerge following deadly tornado in Oklahoma

One person is believed to be dead and dozens of homes completely flattened after the twister hit land. In addition to damaged homes, others were without power. Early reports show the tornado's path to be about a quarter of a mile wide. Gov. Mary Fallin says the damage to a western Oklahoma community that a tornado struck, killing a man, is devastating.

Melania Trump hails 'empowerment of women' at Saudi company visit

Melania Trump hails 'empowerment of women' at Saudi company visit

As the participants laughed, Trump responded: "I agree". On the first day of Trump's visit, Washington and Riyadh agreed on an arms deal worth nearly $110 billion "to support Saudi Arabia's defense needs, according to the U.S. She is accompanying U.S. President Donald Trump on his first global visit since taking office in January, and told 200 female employees she tried to find balance between her role of First Lady and mother.

Tillerson gives nod to Paris Agreement at Arctic Council meeting

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got an earful when he met with members of the Arctic Council in Fairbanks, Alaska, yesterday. Tillerson signed the document . Andreassen said the document should provide some understanding of how the approaching the Arctic. "We'd heard ... that there would likely be a significant United States effort to redline or even remove entirely the Paris and climate language", said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of ...

Minister of Foreign Affairs to participate in Arctic Council meeting

Lavrov will again be at Tillerson's side Thursday, as the pair present the council a jointly-negotiated motion to ease access to Arctic waters to global climate scientists. It demonstrates that despite changes in political administration, the continuing to participate (in the Arctic Council) at high levels. Kauppalehti analyst Martti Kiuru said the Finnish maritime industry looks for "orders without limits" when Russian Federation would increase the use of the energy reserves of the ...

Donald Trump calls for help in tackling 'Islamic extremism'

Muslim-majority countries must take the lead in combating radicalisation, US President Donald Trump said in a speech to leaders from 55 Muslim countries in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Both the original order and a second directive that dropped Iraq from the banned list have been blocked by the courts. In an August 2016 speech, for example, Trump said Obama's 2009 speech to the Muslim World in Egypt lacked "moral courage" and was replete in naiveté.

Iran foreign minister scorns Trump after speech, arms deal

He said the "total value of investments..." "At this point, I have no plans to call my counterpart in Iran, although in all likelihood, we will talk at the right time". Saudi Arabia had grown nervous over the Obama administration's inaction with Iran after the signing of the nuclear deal and welcomed the newest arms deal with the new Trump administration.