White House puts 'Jerusalem, Israel' on website

White House puts 'Jerusalem, Israel' on website

US President Donald Trump with First Lady Melania Trump , Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Sara Netanyahu. Earlier at the airport, Netanyahu said Israel shared Trump's commitment to peace - but he also repeated his right-wing government's political and security demands of the Palestinians, including recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

22 killed in 'barbaric' terrorist bombing at Ariana Grande show in Manchester

Greater Manchester Police is putting out statements regularly via their website and Twitter profile. There was mass panic after the explosion at the end of the concert, which was part of Grande's The Dangerous Woman Tour. "Only heard one. People started screaming and going to the other side of the arena". Those in attendance at the gig were evacuated from the arena and rail operators confirmed that stations nearby had been brought to a standstill by the rush.

Trump arrives in Israel

The two visited the world-renowned Haddassah Hospital in Jerusalem . Israel captured the Old City, home to important Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious sites, along with the rest of east Jerusalem in the 1967 war. Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas accused US President Donald Trump on Monday of smearing the name of Palestinian "resistance" to Israeli occupation during a speech on Islam.

Warren native and media titan Roger Ailes dies at 77

Championed by conservatives as a visionary, reviled by liberals as a menace, Fox News founder Roger Ailes re-shaped USA television news and helped to craft a conservative populism that ultimately gave rise to Donald Trump . Reactions to Ailes' death on the left were not so forgiving. The closest answer is from New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman (who has been known to cover Ailes and Fox), who tweeted : "Latest on what we know, per family friend: 'Last week Ailes had ...

Europe fears expansion of inflight laptop ban

Europe fears expansion of inflight laptop ban

The ban could impact USA flights such as United Airlines , Delta Air Lines and American Airlines Group . But Greeley Koch, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives ( ACTE ), said there were "more questions than answers" about the so-called laptop ban and its possible extension to transatlantic routes.

3 climbers die, including American, on Mount Everest

One person remains missing. Yearwood was part of a 16-member team led by American climber Dan Mazur and sponsored by Everest Parivas. He reportedly died near the mountain's summit. More climbers are expected to attempt to scale the mountain on Monday. Balcony is the final resting spot before climbers ascend the south summit of the Everest.