Flynn not complying with Senate Intel Committee's subpoena

Flynn not complying with Senate Intel Committee's subpoena

According to the New York Times , Flynn told Trump's transition team weeks before the inauguration that he was under federal investigation for secretly working as a paid lobbyist for Turkey during the campaign. The letter notes that the time frame of the request was January 16, 2015, through January 20, 2017. Flynn's lawyer, Robert Kelner, had already told the panel he would not voluntarily provide the documents responsive to an earlier April 28 request.

Manchester arena explosion: 22 dead, over 59 injured

Britain's political parties have agreed to suspend election campaigning until further notice following an explosion in Manchester that killed 19 people at a concert by USA singer Ariana Grande . One witness, Josh Elliott, told the BBC Radio 5 Live that "A bang went off and everyone stopped and screamed. We are doing all that we can", he said.

'Remember Nicky at his happiest' - Tommy Hayden

A statement from Bufalini Hospital in Cesana confirmed that Hayden had multiple injuries as a result of the accident and eventually passed away. According to these images, which were recovered by the Rimini public prosecutor's office, Nicky Hayden would have come from a secondary road and would not have stopped at the stop on the main road on which the auto was driving.

"Magnificent 7" visits Senator Leila de Lima

De Lima said this was the only available recourse for her since the Supreme Court had earlier ruled against detained lawmakers the privilege of attending all legislative sessions or hearings or being placed under the custody of Congress. "Through motions", the senator said. Leila de Lima is asking for a Senate action that would allow her to participate in decision-making processes of the chamber by allowing her to vote even if she is held on drug-related charges.

Much-anticipated Ariana Grande concert ends in blood, horror

Much-anticipated Ariana Grande concert ends in blood, horror

The TV host was adamant that the spirit of the people of Manchester will grow even stronger in the aftermath of the horrific attack, while saying that they will remain in his thoughts and prayers. Panic was triggered among the mostly young audience by the blast which took place as they were leaving a concert by the American artist Ariana Grande , said the police.

Trump administration sending Congress $4.1 trillion budget

A more detailed version of the Trump budget that was first introduced in March was published by the White House today (May 22), but embargoed until 9pm. Foreign aid makes up roughly 1% of the federal budget and includes a host of programs meant to help implement national security policy. Without the juiced-up growth projections, Trump's plan would be almost $500 billion in the red instead of sporting a small surplus in 2027, the target year.