Former CIA chief says he warned Moscow over election hacking

In his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday , Brennan said he was concerned by some "interactions" between Trump campaign operatives and Russian officials during the election. Brennan said he became concerned a year ago about intelligence revealing interactions between Russian officials and people involved in Trump's campaign.

Trump budget reignites welfare reform battle

Cuts to disability benefits: The budget would cut funding for federal disability insurance provided through Social Security program by $72 billion. The $4 trillion plan includes cuts to Medicaid and food stamps , plus funds for a Mexico border wall.

Media Lies, Trump Increases Medicaid Spending

Economists and Democrats have already panned the budget as a document that benefits the wealthy and cuts services from the poor. The new program has been championed by Trump's daughter, Ivanka. The administration's proposed $4.1 trillion budget cuts food stamps by 25 percent, which would boot some 10 million people off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Former CIA Director Says Russia 'Brazenly Interfered' In Election

During a House Intelligence Committee Hearing on Tuesday, former CIA Director John Brennan confirmed he's aware of communications between the Trump campaign and Russian officials that sparked concern about possible collusion . He added, " I don't know whether such collusion existed" between the Russians and members of Trump's campaign. "I believe I was the first US official to brace the Russians on this matter", he told the committee.

Icy reception to Trump budget from fellow Republicans

Federal aid to states would shrink by 3 percent, though the cuts would fall most heavily on states that backed Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Congressman Collin Peterson (D-MN) said in a statement that "this budget is going nowhere on Capitol Hill but it is still a statement of priorities and should be of concern to all rural Americans." Sen.