Reporter Says He Was 'Body-Slammed' By US House Candidate

Reporter Says He Was 'Body-Slammed' By US House Candidate

Gianforte repeated that Jacobs should "Get the hell out of here". She said Gianforte then left - and that she and her crew are "cooperating with local authorities". The campaign for the Republican candidate for Montana's sole congressional seat accused of attacking a reporter says he was trying to grab the reporter's phone and later both lost their balance.

CBO: 23M More Americans Uninsured Under AHCA

CBO: 23M More Americans Uninsured Under AHCA

The CBO is a nonpartisan agency that analyses how proposed bills could impact the federal budget and the economy. The new estimates will serve as a starting point for GOP senators starting to write their own version of the legislation as they consider changing the House's Medicaid cuts, tax credits and other policies.

Trump and Pope Francis meet at the Vatican

Trump later tweeted that it had been an "honor of a lifetime" to meet the pope. The Vatican said later that they shared a commitment to "life, and freedom of worship and conscience" and expressed hope that they can collaborate "in service to the people in the fields of healthcare, education and assistance to migrants".

Bold Claims from King Salman, Iran 'Spearhead of Global Terror'

Klein, however, expressed disappointment that Trump did not call on Muslim leaders to condemn the terror groups by name, and that Trump also did not insist Muslim leaders end the use of textbooks promoting Islamic extremism. During the visit, Trump met with an array of Arab leaders, gave a speech on the threat of Islamic extremism and secured over $450 million in investment for military weapons.

West Virginia Senate passes amended tax bill

It aims to close projected budget shortfalls totaling $887 million over two years and increase aid to public schools after the state Supreme Court ruled in March that education funding is inadequate. "It's frustrating that people don't see the value of reducing the income tax and allowing people to keep more of their own money", Carmichael said.

Half of new Cosby jury pool have opinions on his guilt

Bill Cosby pauses in the courtyard of the Allegheny County Courthouse as one of his attorneys makes a statement to the media, as they arrive for the third day of jury selection in his sexual assault case, Wednesday, May 24, 2017, in Pittsburgh .