Police union: Justice served in Gray case

Officer Miller faced charges of second-degree assault , two counts of misconduct in office, and reckless endangerment. All officers will soon be equipped with body-worn cameras, and the U.S. Without establishing intent, he said, the criminal charges were baseless. "Because at the end of the day right now", she said, "Freddie is dead and someone caused his death".

Giuliani: Trump Didn't Mean It When He Encouraged Russian Espionage

Confirming an oft-stated criticism that he lacks any capacity to consider complex issues beyond a crude "what's in it for me" calculus, Trump's response to what cyber security analysts say is an unprecedented Russian intrusion, amounts to a would-be president sanctioning cyber espionage by a foreign power on a serving secretary of state and on the political party she represents.

CDC issues updated guidance for Zika testing in pregnant women

Spain has 190 known Zika cases to date, according to the country's health ministry, 189 contracted overseas, while one case was sexually transmitted. Earlier guidance from the CDC had suggested the blood test during the first seven days after symptoms begin.

Winners and losers from the 2nd night of the Democratic convention

Bill Clinton felt pressure to perform for his wife and make up for his own missteps during her second presidential campaign. Hillary's nomination was milestone in America's history. "Some people say well we need change". Making his 10th consecutive address to a Democratic national convention, Bill Clinton worked his rhetorical magic, spellbinding delegates with a personal perspective that only a husband could relate hours after Hillary Clinton was nominated by acclamation.

Major Newspapers Catch Flack For Not Featuring Hillary Clinton On Front Pages

Major Newspapers Catch Flack For Not Featuring Hillary Clinton On Front Pages

Obama "has been candid about why he thinks electing the Republican nominee is a risky path for the United States", White House spokesman Eric Schultz said on Tuesday. Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont, reminded Texas delegates that before he ran for president, Trump was a "leader of the so-called "birther" movement", which demanded to see the birth certificate of President Barack Obama.

Virginia Democrats Hopeful About Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine

Virginia Democrats Hopeful About Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine

Donald Trump on Monday dismissed as a "joke" claims by Hillary Clinton's campaign that Russian Federation is trying to help Trump by leaking thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee. Working-class voters in SC will be more likely to vote Democratic in November now that Hillary Clinton has chosen Virginia Sen. Schultz's abrupt departure was undoubtedly an effort to keep the Democrats' gathering from devolving into the tumult that marred last week's GOP meeting, when ...