Tommy Arthur Scheduled to be Executed Tomorrow

The nation's high court issued a temporary stay "pending further order" from the justices late Thursday afternoon. Arthur appealed that issue to the Supreme Court . "The State's refusal serves only to frustrate any effort by Arthur's attorneys to petition the courts in the event of yet another botched execution", Sotomayor wrote.

Trump sides with French victor, at least now

Diplomacy can be a white-knuckle ride at times, but French President Emmanuel Macron refused to be shaken when he found himself in an unexpected standoff with USA counterpart Donald Trump Thursday. In Trump and Macron's case, the two gripped their hands with such powerful strength that their knuckles turned that pasty white color. Either Macron has him well scouted or Trump decides to take pity on an unworthy challenger.

House budget leaves out Senate spending cuts

Referring to behind-the-scenes work among Senate Republicans on a healthcare bill, McConnell said, "I don't know how we get to 50 (votes) at the moment". "But that's the goal", McConnell said. He also noted good prospects for bipartisanship on a bill to expand sanctions against Iran, due for debate in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this week, and renewal of a Food and Drug Administration user-fee program that expires later this year.

Mulvaney warns lawmakers on borrowing authority deadline

In his testimony Wednesday , Mulvaney defended the president's proposal as conscientious government spending. "It sends all of the right signals for the first time in almost a decade - a budget that actually is focused on the best interests of the American taxpayer rather than what's popular in Washington ", he said .

Kansas lawmakers prepare to debate tax hikes, school funding

Kansas lawmakers prepare to debate tax hikes, school funding

Senate Bill 5 would add options for voters who say they can not "reasonably" obtain one of seven forms of required ID, and it would create criminal penalties - which House members reduced on Tuesday - for those who falsely claim they need to choose from the expanded list of options.

EU, US to discuss possible airline laptop ban Wednesday

EU, US to discuss possible airline laptop ban Wednesday

IATA needs to be told more about USA concerns in order to contribute to developing a solution, De Juniac said, adding: "We can provide appropriate advice when it comes to security and protection measures for passengers". If an agreement is reached, it will raise questions about the necessity for the USA and United Kingdom bans on electronics flying in from specific countries.