Texas lawmakers finalize deal on $217B spending bill

Younger people would see "substantially larger" reductions in premiums, while older enrollees would have "substantially smaller" ones.Democrats, however, were less pleased with the numbers, using the opportunity to mount a rallying call against the GOP-led effort.Democrats in Michigan's Legislature are speaking out against Republican-backed health care legislation approved by the U.S.

CBO report contradicts Tillis on Trumpcare and pre-existing conditions

Low-income people are most likely to lose coverage because of the bill's deep cuts in Medicaid, which provides health coverage to poor and disabled people. Eager to notch a political win in the GOP's years-long mission to repeal Obamacare, Republican lawmakers took a gamble by voting before the CBO could analyze last-minute changes to the bill.

'Surreal': Guardian Reporter Who Says He Was Body-Slammed Recounts

'Surreal': Guardian Reporter Who Says He Was Body-Slammed Recounts

Gootkin said Jacobs' injuries did not meet the legal definition of felony assault. Rep. Steve Stivers of OH, who chairs the House GOP campaign committee, said: "From what I know of Greg Gianforte , this was totally out of character, but we all make mistakes".

LSU beats Kentucky 10-0 at SEC Tournament

The game was shortened to seven innings by the tournament's 10-run rule. LSU is home and is starting RHP Alex Lange (7-5, 2.79 ERA), a future Major League Baseball first round draft pick this year and Kentucky starts RHP Sean Hjelle (9-2, 3.17), the 6-foot-11 SEC Pitcher of the Year.