Obama boosts Clinton; Kaine mocks Trump

But it may not be so simple for Bill Clinton if he becomes America's first "first gentleman", since he's also a former president. Clinton's campaign believes Trump's unorthodox candidacy will turn off moderate Republicans, particularly women, who worry he's too unpredictable to take the helm in a turbulent world.

'Mothers of the Movement' Make Emotional Pleas to Voters at DNC

The mothers of the movement, a "club of heartbroken mothers", have emerged as powerful advocates for Clinton on the campaign trail, telling their children's stories in churches and town halls across the country. The mothers are expected to speak about policing and race but also gun control. Black people, come to the front'. Milich disagreed that Black Lives Matter is not a political statement.

What exactly does Kaine bring to the Democratic ticket?

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. He also recounted attending a Jesuit boys school and how he took a year off law school to be a missionary in Honduras. "So, do you believe him?" Kaine described himself as "not a trash talker", but said he doesn't mind "drawing a contrast and, I don't mind calling out bad behavior, and I don't mind calling out foolishness when I see it".

Twitter Just Turned VP Nominee Tim Kaine Into Your Dad

But Chambers said there is less agitation on the Bernie side a day after the sit-in. "Can I be honest with you about something?" "Hillary's passion is kids and families", he said. This political renaissance man only received the job last Friday, but he swiftly showed the audience why he can be an enormous asset to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Low-key intro for Trump's running mate

Low-key intro for Trump's running mate

But Twitter users suggested blurring the image to make it "appropriate" for audiences, while others said Trump and Pence must have a " very close relationship". In 2000, Pence again ran for a U.S. House of Representatives seat, this time successfully. "They got crushed", Trump said moments after praising party unity.

Thousands attend funerals for slain police officers in Dallas

Ruben Diaz says all of the funerals they serve hold equal importance, but to lose so many officers at once does make this assignment a little different. will live stream the available memorials and funerals; Officer Krol's family is keeping his services private, his funeral will not be available to the media.