Macron gets to grips with USA president on climate change deal

Macron later told reporters, in a joint news conference with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, that his conversation with Trump over lunch in the USA embassy in Brussels had been "extremely direct and very honest". While Ms Le Pen had echoed some of Mr Trump's hardline rhetoric on immigration, the United States leader's words of support were surprising. Macron was also expected to press home the European Union position that Washington should respect multilateral ...

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's security adviser, dead at 89

The former president says Brzezinski became a natural choice for his national security adviser when he became president. A tough critic of the Soviet Union, he also helped broker the Camp David accords and worked on normalizing relations with China.

G-7 source: USA gets more time for climate pact answer

G-7 source: USA gets more time for climate pact answer

With May and Trump among four new faces in the G7 club, the gathering in Italy was billed as a key test of how serious the new United States administration is about implementing its radical policy agenda, particularly on climate change . He's also refused to explicitly back the mutual defense agreement that has been activated only once, during the darkest hours of September 2001. Once more, he will likely be received warily, a president who ran on a campaign of "America First" with ...

HR McMaster 'Not Concerned' Over Jared Kushner Back-Channel Reports

HR McMaster 'Not Concerned' Over Jared Kushner Back-Channel Reports

Kushner proposed using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States for the secure communications, the Post reported late on Friday, citing anonymous USA officials briefed on intelligence reports. Trump's advisers and Mr. Kislyak have been a constant source of trouble for the new administration. Trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin amid accusations from US intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated a sweeping campaign ...

G-7 source: United States gets more time for climate pact answer

The final G-7 statement , issued after two days of talks in the seaside town of Taormina , said the U.S. Emissions cuts made under the Paris agreement are not legally binding, and the previous administration argued the Senate did not need to approve US participation.

Alabama sees America's highest premium spike under Obamacare

But that would be partly because policies would typically provide fewer benefits and sicker people would be priced out, it concluded. Cassidy, who is also a physician , previously cited late night host Jimmy Kimmel's emotional monologue about health care to use as a measuring stick on a GOP bill.