Investigators probe California water slide that injured boy

Investigators probe California water slide that injured boy

Below is footage of the event happening. The ten-year-old said that he was just a little shaken up after this experience. The Emerald Plunge is an open water slide that drops riders at an 80-degree angle before flattening out at the bottom.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania's visit to the Mideast

Israeli officials say they are largely in the dark about what ideas Trump might present for peace or what concessions he may demand. But news accounts have not accused Trump of naming Israel as a source of the information. However, obstacles have emerged which may complicate the relationship between the White House and the Knesset. As a sign of their personal friendship, Netanyahu frequently referenced Trump by his first name and thanked him for being the first sitting US president to visit ...

Rutherford continues time honored Memorial Day traditions

Armed service members who made the ultimate sacrifice, including three whose names were recently added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, are being honored at a Memorial Day ceremony. And while people mean well when they thank a veteran for their service, Visconti said there are other ways to show appreciation. And a somber reminder that's is honored and not celebrated through the United States.

Trump to speak at Arlington cemetery on Memorial Day

Trump also recognised former United States senator and GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole, 93, who suffered lifelong injuries during World War II. We share our prayers and sympathies with their families and loved ones, recognizing with gratitude that when our nation called, these fearless heroes answered with their lives.

Ben Jacobs: Gianforte's Statement Is Worse Than Getting Body Slammed

The incident occurred on the eve of Thursday's special election in which Gianforte faces a Democratic opponent for the state's open House seat. A number of Montana newspapers withdrew their endorsement of Gianforte after the incident, but neither that nor the incident affected the outcome.

UFC's light-heavyweights finally get star turn in Stockholm

UFC's light-heavyweights finally get star turn in Stockholm

The UFC light heavyweight celebrated his TKO win over Teixeira by proposing to his girlfriend. "I love you and thanks for having a kid". As for the fight, it was over pretty quickly in the fifth round as Gustafsson hit Teixeira with a devastating combination of uppercuts before the referee stopped the bout.