Donald Trump Pulling US Out Of Paris Climate Deal, Says Report

President Donald Trump still refuses to back the 2015 Paris agreement to fight climate change , blocking efforts by world leaders meeting in Sicily to get the new United States leader to endorse the treaty, Italy's prime minister said today (26 May).

In US Portland stabbing suspect yells slogans at court hearing

Free speech or die in Portland . He faces two counts of aggravated murder , one count of attempted murder and an intimidation and weapons charge. While succumbing to his injuries on the train after being stabbed in the neck , he reportedly told a bystander to "tell everyone on the train I love them".

Health care bill would have a major impact on premiums, CBO finds

According to the CBO , the replacement act would, if endorsed by the Senate and signed by Trump, result next year in 14 million more Americans lacking health-insurance coverage than under Obamacare (assuming it remained in place). Millions would lose coverage due to the bill's cuts to Medicaid . Majority are coming from Medicaid and non-job-based private individual health plans.

Clinton 'blames everybody but herself' for electoral loss

The former first lady and NY senator later turned more serious during an interview at a conference hosted by tech blog Recode . She also referred to one of her campaign ads in Iowa - in 2007 - pointing to the looming mortgage crisis .

Trump may pull out of climate accord

Trump may pull out of climate accord

If Mr Trump opts to abandon the Paris deal he would be fulfilling one of the central campaign pledges that he made during last year's presidential race but at the same time it would likely anger global allies. Meyer said he's "nervous" that the Trump administration is approaching the issue the wrong way. News of President Donald Trump's expected decision to pull the United States from a global climate deal has led to a swift and strong reaction from the United Nations .

Cleveland fires officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice

Loehmann's firing was reported to be about lying on his application and violating other policies rather than the Rice shooting , WKBW reported . The Rice family countered these reports and claimed that they had a pro-police bias. Loehmann shot Tamir less than three seconds after arriving at Cudell Recreation Center. He didn't disclose any of that on his application in Cleveland .