Grass Valley Venue Cancels Kathy Griffin Show Over Security Concerns

WASHINGTON -By Wednesday afternoon comedian Kathy Griffin had apologized for posing for a photo with what looked like the blood-soaked decapitated head of President Donald Trump . At the time, actress Dakota Fanning was only 10 years old, so many people who heard this comment were shocked and offended. Griffin posted a grovelling apology video, saying the shoot had been a "mistake".

CNN fires comedian over decapitated Trump photo

CNN fires comedian over decapitated Trump photo

In a statement released Wednesday, the first lady says that "as a mother, a wife and a human being, that photo is very disturbing". In a video posted on social media, Griffin said she crossed the line and that the image was too disturbing.

Portland victim's mom calls on Trump to "take action"

That's what liberalism gets you". The federal government has issued a permit for the free-speech rally Saturday and has yet to give a permit for an event June 10. She said he was a humanitarian "who would have stepped up for anyone". The defendent told police that he has no mental health issues, no income and can not recall the last time he had a permanent address.

Trump to announce decision on Paris climate deal

As the USA flirts with fleeing the Paris climate-change accord, Canada is aligning itself with the world's other two largest economies to take a global leadership role in the effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Trump doesn't "comprehensively understand" the terms of the accord, though European leaders tried to explain the process for withdrawing to him "in clear, simple sentences" during summit meetings last week, Jean-Claude Juncker said in Berlin.

President Donald Trump To Announce Climate Agreement Decision

Zinke was appearing at a news conference in Anchorage, Alaska with Sen. James Inhofe, who calls global warming a hoax, has moved over 12,000 homes and businesses from a floodplain. "The Americans can't just leave the climate protection agreement". On Wednesday, news media reported that senior White House officials said Trump is preparing to abandon the deal.