Spicer Offers Cryptic Explanation for Trump 'Covfefe' Tweet

Spicer Offers Cryptic Explanation for Trump 'Covfefe' Tweet

Speculations even ran amok that the President was punch drunk as he typed tweet , which was deleted after a few hours. Despite appearing to be a nonsensical word, covfefe sparked the imagination of everyone working the late shift on Twitter , who quickly set about trying to interpret just what Trump meant by that non sequitur.

Axios: Trump pulling USA out of Paris climate deal

The message is simple: The sustainability train has left the station. She's criticizing what she says are "destructive and short-sighted" decisions by the Trump administration. Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning: "I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days". Scientists say that Earth is likely to reach more unsafe levels of warming sooner if the USA retreats from its pledge because America contributes so much to rising temperatures.

Notre Dame Students Walk Out During Vice President Mike Pence's Commencement Speech

WeStaNDFor previously promoted the protest online, and dropped 500 rainbow pride flags around Notre Dame's campus. The planned walkout was a highly visible protest, not just of Pence , but of the administration which he represents. '"I think people are upset we're protesting at all", he said. "It's deeply humbling for me to participate in the 172nd commencement in Notre Dame's 175th year", Pence said to applause and boos, WNDU reported .

Corona girl makes it to national spelling bee finals

Corona girl makes it to national spelling bee finals

Part of what helped her reach that spot was correctly spelling the words "treillage" and "mourning" in front of a national audience on ESPN. The preliminary testing on Wednesday was made up of a written section and a multiple choice vocabulary section for a total of 24 points.

Schulz to Trump: Dropping Paris agreement means no trade talks

Cohn, the Trump economic adviser, also said last week that the president's views were "evolving". The EU and China are set to claim a quick diplomatic win on climate change-doubling. Under the pact, the United States committed to reduce its emissions by 26 to 28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025. Mr Musk, who has been in Sydney this week with his family, said on Twitter he had done all he could to advise Mr Trump to keep the United States in the deal.

Trump to interview Pistole for Federal Bureau of Investigation director

CBS News confirmed the existence of the document. In an interview on Fox News on Tuesday, Conway said Dubke "made very clear that he would see through the president's worldwide trip, and come to work every day and work hard even through that trip because there was much to do here back at the White House".