Trust lacking in Illinois failure to OK budget by deadline

Kelly said that hurt a lot of downstate schools specifically because we just don't have the property tax base from which to pull funding like they have in the suburban collar counties near Chicago. Automatic registration is not the only voting policy that Republicans disapprove. Ratings agencies don't give a hoot about those initiatives. Chicago Police Supt.

Wanted man, bounty hunters kill each other in shootout at dealership

An employee was also with two customers in the office right next to them, but none of them were hurt. "Please hurry", she told the 911 dispatcher. Minnesota court records show that Hutchinson had been convicted of committing a controlled substance crime while possessing a gun in 2000, and was convicted of felony assault in 2004.

Finals of National Spelling Bee begin with 40 elite spellers

Taking center stage Wednesday afternoon, Hannah incorrectly spelled the word "rhubarb". Organizers determined the finalists based on their on-stage spelling Wednesday and their performance on the written spelling and multiple-choice vocabulary test they took on Tuesday, Miller said.

Fact Checking Trump's Paris Agreement Speech

Fact Checking Trump's Paris Agreement Speech

The newly elected president of France called on the remaining 194 signatories to the accord to reaffirm their commitments and said he had agreed with Germany and Italy to take strong decisions in the coming weeks. "We are deeply disappointed that the United States federal government has made a decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement", he added. But Trump has also been known to change his mind, as he did in April with the North American Free Trade Agreement.

CNN cans Kathy Griffin, ends New Year's Eve broadcast deal

He went on to explain his thinking , which is basically that Trump is doing "crazy things" so comedians are "the last line of defense". "It's just about the whole thing of where we're at right now as a society and he just happens to be the one speaking at that.

Would-be ATM burglars accidentally burn cash with blowtorch

Would-be ATM burglars accidentally burn cash with blowtorch

Would-be thieves set fire to an ATM they were attempting to rob. So not only did these dudes end up with no money, but they will now end up behind bars. Steen and Korvar are also wanted for questioning for several commercial burglaries throughout Snohomish County. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward & Coastal Community Bank is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the suspects.