Corbyn attacks May's 'subservience' to Trump amid USA climate accord snub

Ambassador Kristian Schmidt, the head of delegation of the European Union in the Uganda took to Twitter-Trump's favorite social media platform, to blast the United States president's decision to shun the Paris accord . A source pointed out that Japan and Canada had not signed up to the letter and said the prime minister's approach was "consistent as to how we approach dealings with worldwide leaders".

Germany and China should cooperate on protecting climate: Merkel

Germany and China should cooperate on protecting climate: Merkel

Each has spoken in the aftermath about their meetings with the president and the directions their countries may take should diplomatic relationships change. Soon after commencing the European leg of a trip that began in the Middle East, Mr. Trump publicly dressed down America's European allies for not paying their "fair share" of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance defense costs.

EU, China to reaffirm commitment to climate pact after Trump pullout

EU, China to reaffirm commitment to climate pact after Trump pullout

Barbara Hendricks told reporters in Berlin that other countries will fill the leadership vacuum left by the United States but none will be expected to make up the shortfall in emissions reductions caused by Washington's exit. Cook also said in the email that Apple will not stop fighting climate change regardless of Trump's decision . Economists and analysts who study the cost of climate change , and the truly terrifying outcomes of not acting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , have ...

Indian-American girl wins Spelling Bee

More Kathy Griffin shows have been canceled as backlash over her video grows. Additionally, this year's bee included a brand-new tie-breaking procedure , in response to the fact that the past three competitions had all resulted in a tie score.

Ex-Penn St officials sorry didn't do more in Sandusky case

Schultz said: "It really sickens me to think I might have played a part in children being hurt". Spanier was sentenced to two months in county jail, followed by two to 10 months of house arrest with electronic monitoring. The three former Penn State officials all apologized for their actions and to Sandusky's victims before the sentences were handed down. The sentencing ends the last criminal case in the Sandusky scandal , which broke in 2011 and led to the firing of Paterno.

Americans Want The Senate To Rewrite The AHCA

The CBO projected that the American Health Care Act (AHCA ) would reduce the national deficit by $119 billion over 10 years, mainly due to its massive cuts to Medicaid and the replacement of nongroup insurance subsidies with tax credits.