Russian Federation probe: Comey set to testify before Senate on June 8

Comey is scheduled to testify on June 8 before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his May 9 firing by Trump , first in public and then behind closed doors. Like Trump , Conway brought up Comey's handling of the Clinton email scandal as a reason for his firing. But Trump likely undermined those arguments because he has already discussed the conversations in tweets and interviews , according to Mitch Sollenberger, a political science professor at the University of ...

Russian Federation says still likely to back Paris climate deal despite USA withdrawal

The president's decision to abandon the almost 200-nation strong pact drew sharp condemnation from global leaders as well as major corporations within the United States and around the world. Peabody Energy, the US's largest publicly traded coal company, also praised the decision, claiming the current agreement could have damaged the United States economy.

Man with gun prompts lockdown at Orlando airport

There is no active shooter. A crisis negotiator was brought in, and by 10:08 police tweeted that Pettigrew was in custody. The man identified as Michael Wayne Pettigrew, 26, later surrendered and dropped his weapon. "Our main objective was getting him contained and that happened very quickly". Orlando police later said the entrances were open but congested. "He has a huge gun", Hess said.

Clinton says false stories on Facebook helped Trump win election

But she has also sought to place blame on Russian hackers' publication of Democratic emails and former FBI Director James Comey's late-October announcement that his agency was reopening its investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of State.

Freshmen legislators vent frustration at failure of budget deal

Freshmen legislators vent frustration at failure of budget deal

Gov. Bruce Rauner says lawmakers' inability to create a budget plan he'll accept for the third straight year is a " dereliction of duty ". "Let me remind you that in all of his time the state of Illinois has existed we have never once gone without a budget until Governor Rauner took office", Susana Mendoza, Illinois Comptroller, said.

Late in life, sex assault trial caps Cosby's life and legacy

O'Neill, adding there will be "serious repercussions" if anyone attempts to follow or make contact with jurors once they arrive in the county this weekend from Allegheny County. Prosecutors reopened the investigation against Cosby in July 2015 after Cosby's deposition connected to the civil suit was unsealed by a judge. Prosecutors contend Cosby also admitted for the first time to developing a romantic interest in Constand when he saw her at a Temple basketball game and to having sexual ...