Trump seeks distance from donation supporting Florida AG

According to the Associated Press, around that time, Bondi asked Trump for a donation to her campaign. Trump , for his part, has said he never spoke with Bondi about Trump University. Hicks said Tuesday that the improper foundation check was the result of a series of clerical errors, and that the billionaire businessman had meant to support Bondi with personal funds.

13 shot to death, dozens wounded in Chicago shootings

Thirty-one of the 65 people shot over the long weekend were wounded between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday. Almost half of the shootings occurred Monday, something police officials explained as "retaliatory acts" mostly from gangs after a weekend of getting together for parties throughout some of Chicago's most risky neighborhoods.

Trump will release his tax return, says running mate

Mike Pence says he and running-mate Donald Trump will release their respective tax returns. "I'll release mine in the next week", Pence said . On the heels of Mike Pence announcing he and Donald Trump would release their tax returns, Trump still seems a bit apprehensive about it all.

After bloodshed, NYC promises a safer J'ouvert festival

After bloodshed, NYC promises a safer J'ouvert festival

City officials and community organizers have long chafed at the perception that J'ouvert, and the even larger West Indian Day American Day parade that follows hours later, are intrinsically hospitable to violence. Do not shoot anyone. WNBC-TV reports he's accused of firing shots during a gang-related gun battle previous year in which Carey Gabay was fatally shot by stray gunfire.

Hermine lingers off shore continuing its unsafe storm surges

Hermine lingers off shore continuing its unsafe storm surges

The tropical storm warnings for Jersey shore towns were replaced Monday morning by a coastal flood advisory, which was scheduled to remain in effect until 5 a.m. Because climate change has caused sea levels to rise as much as a foot, the storm surges pushed by Hermine could be even more damaging, climate scientists say.

Clinton enters fall with advantages, but Trump team hopeful

But they have voted overwhelmingly for Democratic presidential candidates starting in 1936, when Franklin D. Roosevelt got 71 percent of the black vote, and peaking at 96 percent for Barack Obama's election as the first African-American president in 2008.